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For Facials, we offer everything from Hydrating, Clarifying, Teen, European, as well as a 30 minute express facial.

I think it is important to take of ourselves to effectively take care of our loved ones. I always liken it to the flight attendants directing us to take a breath with the air mask before we give it to
our children.

30 Minute European Facial: A relaxing treatment to help reduce sensitivities and bring needed moisture and hydration back into your skin. You will enjoy the benefits of this botanically rich facial treatment, while also learning how to better care for your skin. 45 min service.

Brightening Facial: A balancing treatment for combination skin. Tones and brightens the complexion. Uses herbal and citrus extracts of Rosemary and Grapefruit. 75 min service.

Calming Facial: A sedating treatment for sensitive skin. Soothes, softens and hydrates the skin. Uses Lavender extracts. 75 min service.

Clarifying Facial: A purifying treatment for problematic skin. Dissolves surface build-up and refines skin texture. Uses a blend of alphahydroxy ingredients. 75 min service.

Hydrating Facial: A wonderfully revitalizing treatment for dry skin. Hydrates,improves elasticity and soothes the skin. Uses botanical extracts of Rose and Petitgrain. 75 min service.

Purifying Facial: A rejuvenating treatment for oily skin. Regulates oil secretion and refines the skin texture. Uses botanical and citrus extracts of Geranium and Lemon. 75 min service.

Teen Facial: An invigorating and refreshing treatment. Designed to introduce the basics of good skin care. Unclogs blocked pores, reduces appearance of pores and promotes clear, healthy glowing skin. 60 min service.

Lavender Rosemary Salt Scrub with Kati: Refresh, revive, and reveal a healthy glow to your skin! Followed by a 50 min. massage.

Ultimate Spa Day with Kati: Enjoy a relaxing 2 hour treatment including a scrub, wrap, scalp treatment and a 50 min. massage!


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